Geekapella is truly a ragtag group of musically-inclined nerds. Since the inception of the original cast of characters, our performer lineup has changed a few times.

Our current members are…

Alyssa (Alto) is a potato fanatic who also really likes tea and painting. Her favorite fandoms (at the moment, because she can never really choose) are My Hero Academia and Steven Universe. One day, she hopes she can visit Potato World in Canada and also Japan (any part of Japan really). Alyssa also enjoys making art and writing stories as one half of the art duo, Roses and Carnations.

Instagram: @pastabilitieslol | @rosesandcarnationsofficial

andrewAndrew (Bass) enjoys Star Wars and Game of Thrones (yes, he’s a book snob). He is also a big sports and history buff, and he hopes to make it big by being a contestant on Jeopardy.

“I liked Childish Gambino before it was cool.”

sydneySydney (Soprano) drinks far too much coffee and sometimes tries arranging for the group. When not singing with Geekapella, she is on her own personal mission to teach music to small humans. She watches a lot of cooking competition shows, HGTV, Cartoon Network, and Rupaul.





Francesco (Tenor & Baritone) is an engineer who plays pool and travels a lot. He enjoys Naruto, Pokémon, and pretty much everything in the Arrowverse. His favorite video games include Skyrim, Chrono Trigger, and two Legends: Dragoon AND Zelda. Watch out, though: he will crack puns and dad jokes without hesitation.

Instagram: @buzz_lightpun




Janine (Alto & Tenor) is a boardgame loving lady-bass that is obsessed with everything Disney, prefers to watch 90s anime, and owns an obscene amount of nail polish. When she’s not rocking her fashionable scrubs, she’s either on the couch watching her beloved Chicago sports teams or escaping a room somewhere. No matter what anyone says, she believes unsweetened tea is delicious and DC > Marvel.

Instagram: @janinerose_s2

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