Geekapella was formed in 2012 by a couple of nerds who were passionate about a cappella music and shortly afterward the group performed for the first time at Nerdapalooza in Orlando, Florida. Geekapella performed alongside other nerd-inspired musicians like Koo Koo Kanga Roo, The Protomen, and Danimal Cannon. That music festival came to a close in 2013 but Geekapella persevered and is still performing today.

In 2014, Geekapella began performing at a few conventions around Florida, including Anime Festival Orlando, Tampa Bay Comic Con, Holiday Matsuri, and hopped onto local nerd music festivals such as Orlando Nerd Fest and Orlando Overdrive.

In 2015, Geekapella made their first appearance at Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia as an official concourse band of the convention. After those five days of performances, the band started picking up their gig schedule and began performing at more than 10 conventions per year in Florida and Georgia. The next couple years were spent busy in rehearsals, performances, and the release of a demo album called, “Legends of the Hidden Tempo.”

In 2018, Geekapella performed their first gig beyond the Southeast—Boroughcon in Brooklyn, NYC. They were also nominated for Orlando Weekly’s Best of Orlando under the category of Best Cover Band.

Now, in 2019, Geekapella has released their “Simple and Clean” live recording music video, and their single, “The Rains of Castamere”. Geekapella is also currently working on their second album.

We are excited to see what comes next!